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New Trends Eyewear, LLC.

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Firmly rooted in the optical industry, our Los Angeles, Calif.-based firm knows what optical distributors and clients expect in the manufacture and retail of fashionable, innovative eyewear. Keeping an ear to the ground, listening to and anticipating customers' needs is our advantage and guarantee.

New Trends Eyewear is a global distributor of the hottest new brand names Enchant Eyewear, D’Amato Eyewear, Vertu Eyewear, 34 Degrees North Eyewear and Sunwear.

New Trends Eyewear takes service to the optical industry to new heights creating tools and developing custom marketing packages for distributors to promote and be successful.

Our distribution reach includes the U.S., Canada, most of Latin America (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia) and we’re rapidly expanding in Australia, U.K., Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia & Montenegro, Estonia, Latvia, Morocco, and South Africa.

For more information about New Trends Eyewear, visit or call (562) 463-2700 / (866) 789-2020. You can also reach us at

The New Trends Eyewear promise:
*To always provide customers with quality products that capture the latest fashion trends and innovations;
*The marketing support necessary to succeed;
*Most importantly, the attention and service they expect and deserve.


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